Meet Nutty Novelties

Meet Caleb Mangum of Nutty Novelties

Caleb founded the company in 2012, originally as a famers’ market experiment. He’s a 2006 graduate of Souderton Area HS (about 1 mile from our production facility, and a 2010 graduate of Temple University (psych major, for the record). Caleb does a little bit of everything at Nutty Novelties but his main role now is overseeing our wholesale operations and, as he’s dubbed it, “dispatch” for our delivery routes.

Caleb is married to the amazing Mary Mangum and is so proud of his 5-year-old son, Austin. If you look closely you might even see them featured in some social media content! He is very involved at his church, The Renew Community of Lansdale, and is currently fostering two young children.
“I’m so thankful for the team we have at Nutty. This thing has really grown and taken off much more quickly than I expected and that’s only possible because of our amazing people. All glory to God too, for allowing me to be in this role and steward this small business; I am beyond blessed to love what I do every day and be along for this ride.”
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